Changing your company details

You must inform MultiSafepay of any changes to the form of your company or any other company details, e.g. address, director, UBO.

  • For changes of address, email the Support Team at [email protected]
  • For changes in the company form, directors, or UBO, email your request and account ID to the Risk Team at [email protected]

MultiSafepay will request new documentation, such as UBO statements or copies of identification documents.

If a different company is taking over your account, we recommend opening a new account to separate the money flow. Make sure you update all company details on the website(s), including company registration number, VAT number, and address. The company details on the website must match the details in your account.


Propose a change on GitHubexternal-link-icon or
send an email to [email protected]

Other languages

For an explanation in another language, contact your account manager.