Managing business bank accounts

Adding a new business bank account

To add a new business bank account for payouts, add the new IBAN in your MultiSafepay dashboard.

To verify the account:

  • Make a payment of 1 EUR from the business bank account, or
  • Provide a copy of a bank statement, or
  • Provide a screenshot of your online banking environment, including IBAN and company name.

Note: The company name on your bank statement must exactly match one of the trade names on your chamber of commerce extract.

MultiSafepay verifies the new bank account within 5 business days. We only accept business bank accounts (no private bank accounts) that are registered to the official company name.

Deactivating an old business bank account

To deactivate an old bank account, email your request and account ID to the Risk Team at [email protected]


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Other languages

For an explanation in another language, contact your account manager.